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At VUTA ELECTRICAL, we know how to handle:

Electricity failure

Power Socket Problems

Electrical Wiring Faults

Loss of Electricity

Light Switch Problems

Changing of a Light Bulb

And many more

Electricity failure

Power cut off due to work in progress

Power Socket Problems

Checking the faulty sockets throughout the property

Checking the socket and plug outlet for buzzing, burn marks or excessive heat or crackling

Electrical Wiring Faults

Problems including issues with the circuit

Loss of Electricity

During fitting of an appliance

Check whether the fuse box trip switch has tripped

Check that your electrical meter is turned on and functional

Light Switch Problems

A cracked light switch could allow damp to reach the conductors

The electrical box will trip the circuit breaker and blows the fuse. It is due to the bare wires touching the electrical box

Checking the loose connections because they can cause the switch issues

Changing of a Light Bulb

Switch off the electricity supply from the main supply

Allow the bulb to cool down before changing it

Safely dispose of the old bulb due to the presence of glass

You can rely on VUTA ELECTRICAL for a reliable, prompt and professional service. We take great care to ensure that our customers are happy with our work. Our Electricians are polite and friendly and they will keep disruption to a minimum while working in your house.

We are very proud of our professional service and our customers’ satisfaction tells the whole story. Many come back to us time and time again and are happy to recommend us to friends & neighbors.

Feel free to call us at (417) 824-1190 today(417) 824-1190 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are always ready to help you in all respects.


1) How do you troubleshoot electrical problems in a house?

Vuta Electrical uses the most advanced tools and technology to identify the electrical issues in your home. Our experts know how to troubleshoot issues in a fast manner. Our troubleshooting specialists are highly renowned for fast and reliable services.

2) What is the first step in troubleshooting a circuit?

Gathering information is the first step in troubleshooting a circuit. In other words, identifying the problem is the primary step. Then, experienced electricians establish a theory of potential cause.

3) What problems can Faulty electrical equipment cause?

Faulty electrical equipment may cause issues like explosions, flammable vapors, ignition and electric shock. You need to hire a licensed electrician if you find faulty equipment.

4) How do you fix a faulty light switch?

When you seek the expertise of electricians available at Vuta Electrical, you can expect fast and precise solutions. After turning off the power to the switch at the fuse panel or main circuit breaker, our electricians identifies the underlying issue and fixes it fast

5) What does it mean if a light switch sparks?

When a light switch sparks, you can suspect worn out contacts. The internal contacts stay far to permit an arc to occur which results in a spark.

6) What is faulty electrical wiring?

If you see any flickering or dimming lights, sparking, frequently blow fuses or tipped breakers, funny odors, buzzing, or hot switch plates or outlets, you can suspect faulty electrical wiring. It is the most common cause of electrical fires.

7) How to change Light Bulb?

Changing a light bulb is very easy. After turning off the power, you just need to take out the damaged bulb. If you are changing a screw cap, you should twist it anticlockwise. Bayonet bulbs must be pushed down. You have to check the guidelines before removing a bulb.

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