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We provide a comprehensive lighting installation and maintenance service for fluorescent lighting. Whether you’re looking for new installations or want a repair or anything thing relevant, our trained and experienced electricians at VUTA ELECTRICAL are always at their toe to help you in all respects.

Now a day, Fluorescent lighting are considered to be a most effective and efficient way to lighting up the workplace in offices or kitchen and garage at home.  In this respect, the latest T5 fluorescent lighting is proving to be an amazing alternative to LED lighting.  It is great where you just have to use it for a few hours.  Besides it is also very useful for the high-level warehouses because it helps to save lots of money.

But the problem is that the Fluorescent lighting deteriorates with the passage of time so it sometimes requires replacement or maintenance. In this way, the florescent lighting keeps on working correctly without any issue. Our experienced and trained electricians can repair your existing fluorescent lighting to ensure safe levels of lighting are maintained in your property.

If you are searching for an electrician in Springfield, MO, USA with experience in fluorescent lighting, call VUTA ELECTRICAL at (417) 824-1190 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!


1) What is fluorescent lighting?

Fluorescent lighting refers to a highly flexible and versatile lighting that can be found in many commercial establishments, shops and offices. Compared to halogen and incandescent lighting products, fluorescent lighting comes with better energy efficiency. These products create light by activating a chemical reaction inside of a glass tube. 

2) Where is fluorescent lighting used?

If you want general illumination, you can use fluorescent lighting. These lighting products can be found in many cafeterias, hallways, retail stores, kitchens, garages, and offices.

3) How do you fix a fluorescent light fixture?

If you want to fix a fluorescent light fixture, you can seek the help to a trained and certified electrician. Vuta Electrical is the best destination to hire professional technicians who perform all types of tasks in a fast and efficient manner.

4) What are the signs of bad ballast?

The major signs of bad ballast are flickering, buzzing, delayed start, low output and inconsistent lighting levels. You have to hire an experienced electrician to address these problems. 

5) What causes a fluorescent light to flicker?

If you find light flickering periodically, you can suspect burn out, damaged ballast or damage to the tube or bulb.

6) How do you test fluorescent ballast?

For testing fluorescent ballast, you have to use a multimeter. It should be set to ohms. Then, the ballast must be taken out and checked whether there is continuity using a tester. If you find the multimeter needle going all the way to the right, you can make use that there is continuity.

7) What is the most efficient fluorescent lighting?

CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) is the most efficient fluorescent lighting available today. It combines high energy efficiency of fluorescent lighting with the ease of use and convenience of incandescent fixtures. This flexible option makes use of only 75% less energy compared to other products.

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