We use an extensive range of entertainment appliances in our homes on daily basis. From TV cable to data cables, all the cables must be settled properly in the house, otherwise we’ll not get the best results even after paying fee for those services. In such a situation, you are required to install a dedicated circuitry to keep all these important systems operating effectively and efficiently.


Our dedicated and experienced certified electricians have been serving in the field of electricity for the past several years. You can count on us for proper and safe installation of cable and other dedicated circuit installations without any leftover mess. So when it’s time to add additional circuits or new wiring, you want expert electricians who can get the job done effectively and efficiently, and at a reasonable price. At VUTA ELECTRICAL your needs come first, and we never shy from offering our best for your Data/TV/Telephone wiring project.

We also install your networking Cat.5 or CAT.6 cables. With VUTA ELECTRICAL you’ll find all of that and much more!

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1) What color wires connect phone line?

Two pairs of wires are used for phone cables. The colours of the first pair are red (ring) and green (tip). The second colors of the second pair are yellow (ring) and black (tip).

2) What are the 4 wires in a phone line?

For one telephone line, only 2 wires are required. Two separate phone lines are carried by a 4-strand wire. The twisting prevents the mutual interference of lines. If you want to run lines more than 2, a 6-strand or higher is recommended.

3) What color wires are used for DSL?

DSL service makes use of a single pair of wires to travel. The colors of the wire are red and green. If you want to have a DSL service on all connected jacks, green and red wire are hooked from the outside phone network. 

4) What is a CAT 6 network cable?

A VAT 6 network cable also known as Category 6 cable can be termed as a standardized twisted pair cable that has been used for Ethernet and other types of network physical layers. This type of table shows compatibility with the CAT 3 and CAT 5/5e cable standards.

5) Can you replace a TV power cord?

If you don’t find any possibility for repair, you need to replace a TV power cord. At Vuta Electrical, we have a team of vastly experienced and skilled technicians who know how to serve our clients by replacing power cords affordably.  

6) What's the Difference between CAT5e and CAT6?

The bandwidth of the cable that provides support for transferring data is the fundamental difference between CAT5e and CAT6 cable.  CAT6 cables are capable of handling frequencies up to 250 MHz while CAT 5e cables can deal with 100 MHz.  

7) What is Cat 5 used for?

The Cat 5 standard is capable of offering performance up to 100 MHz. It is very good option for various Ethernet varieties. Cat 5 is can also be utilized for carrying other signals like video and telephony. Modular connectors and punch-down blocks are used to connect this cable.

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