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Vuta Electrical and Lighting offers many different forms of custom lighting.

a: Cabinet Lighting: Various fixtures can up-light or cast downward lighting for good effect. We use low voltage fixtures and lamps controlled by a dimmer switch.

b: Accent lighting: This form of lighting is used to highlight architectural features or artwork. Fixture placement is critical in the installation of the light fixtures. We also install art projector light fixtures complete with light filters. These light fixtures will bring out all the characteristics and colors to the piece of art.

c: Coves and Soffit Lighting: Coves distribute the light upwards. Soffits distribute the light downwards.

Call Vuta Electrical and Lighting for all your lighting and design.


1) What kind of under cabinet lighting is best?

There are many different types of under cabinet lighting products available today. You can find LED products that are highly energy efficient and functional. There are also fluorescent lamps that are cool and inexpensive. These products do not have a dimmable feature. Another option available is incandescent lights which offer a warmer glow and come with dimmable feature. You can contact Vuta Electrical to identify and install the best under cabinet lighting products. 

2) Are LED Lights for Interior or Exterior Use?

LED Lights are the most flexible option available on the market today. You can use them for either interior or exterior areas based on your needs. You can also expect high energy efficiency as well.

3) What else should I look for when choosing under cabinet kitchen lighting?

You need to consider a few aspects while buying under cabinet kitchen lighting. First of all, you should assess the location and available space. Other considerations are power options, type of light fixtures, energy efficiency, and price as well.

4) Where can i use under cabinet fixtures?  

When you mount under cabinet lighting fixtures, you must position it to the front. No matter whether you are standing or seated, the cabinet’s bottom front rail must hide the fixture from your sight line. 

5) Which is an example of accent lighting?

If you want to focus on a specific object or area, you can use accent lighting. For highlighting artifacts, these types of lighting solutions are used. The most popular types of accent lights are track lighting, recessed lamps, wall sconces and floodlights.

6) What are the four types of lighting?

The four main types of lighting solutions are decorative, accent, task and ambient. Each one has its objectives and benefits as well.

7) How many lumens do you need for soffit lighting?  

Soffit lighting is a type of a decorative or accent lighting that is placed underside of a roof, arch, ceiling or beam. The average lumen output range for this type of lighting is 140 to 180.

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