Effective Ways to Upgrade Fluorescent Lights

If you are planning in switching LED lighting, keeping the cost and energy saving benefits in mind, you will find two paths that you can take, that is, convert your existing fixtures to work with LED or replace those fixtures with new LED fixtures. However, within these two paths, there are number of options that you can choose on the basis of type and location of your fixtures, lighting goals and definitely, on your budget. Take a look at some of the effective ways you can upgrade fluorescent lights.

Upgrade Fluorescent Lights

Replacing Fluorescent Tubes With LED Retrofit Tubes

This method is less expensive than replacing the whole fixture and requires a little bit of re-wiring of the fixture to bypass the fixture's ballast. However the ballast accounts for about 10% of your fixture's energy draw, as a result, the fixture will be even more energy efficient when you're done. This way you also eliminate ballast failures, flickering and dimness that are symptoms of ballast on its way to failing.

Replacing Fluorescent Tubes With Magnetic LED Strips

Fluorescent Tubes with Magnetic LED Strips

Replacing your fluorescent tubes with magnetic LED strips is also a quite reasonable option. It is easy to adhere magnetic LED strips and magnetic LED driver to metal fixtures. You will not need to use wire power to tombstone sockets, as you can simply connect your building's power to the driver, then quick-connect the driver to the strips with the included cables.

Replacing Fluorescent Fixture With An LED-Ready T8 Fixture + LED Tubes

This method works with any LED tube without rewiring. All you have to do is just pop the tubes in and go. The new fixture will give your place a new clean look, updating its surroundings. However, DLC listing & rebate eligibility are based on the tubes you purchase for the fixture.

Replacing Fixtures With LED Panel Lights

Fixtures with LED Panel Lights

Upgrade to a sleek and contemporary look while retaining the troffer footprint. This method is particularly beneficial when replacing fixtures in suspended grid ceilings. It can also be surface-mounted to flat ceilings. When you will start using LED panel lights, you will notice that it provides an evenly dispersed lighting without the visible dim spots that sometimes show with both fluorescent and LED tubes.

Replacing Fluorescent Fixture With A LED Fixture

LED fixtures provide all-in-one design that further allows for sleeker and slimmer profile. Not being much larger than a fluorescent tube, it can be surface mounted or suspended from wires. It is known for providing more light output than fixtures with tubes and it also comes with long lamp life, reducing concerns over having to replace the fixture at the end of its life. Furthermore, it allows for greater dust and water protection.


If you are clear on what kind of upgrade you want, go ahead with it, however, it is totally common to feel daunted by so many possibilities and deciding which one is the best option for you. If you are feeling clueless, you can always take help and advice of seasoned and licensed professionals to guide you in this field with their expertise


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