An Informative Electrical Panel Upgrade Guide

When homeowners think of revamping their home, upgrading electrical panel is one of the most important things that cross their minds. Also, others start noticing the sign that this particular area needs an upgrade, especially when they are planning to sell their house. There are plenty of reasons why one should consider upgrading the electrical panel, but before one goes into this work, it is essential and beneficial to gather some vital information about it.

What Is an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Electrical Panel Upgrade

It is highly advised that one should regularly check the electrical panel in their house or office, even if it doesn’t need any electrical fix. Your focus should be on signs of rust or scorching, both of which indicate underlying damage to the system. Checking and maintaining it must be a part of your regular routine. If you see a thing that is even a slightly off, you must consider an electrical upgrade because it is necessary. When you will get an upgrade, you can avoid faulty circuits, overload and possibility of electrical panel starting a fire.

Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade


Faulty Wiring

Safety is always of paramount importance when dealing with electricity and wiring within a house or commercial space. A faulty wiring can easily ignite a fire, so you must get it replaced before it gets too old. However, when you will get your electrical panel inspected regularly by a professional electrician, he will be able to spot any issues at the earliest. If you are noticing flickering lights, small electric shocks when touching appliances, a smell of burning, scorch marks or sparking on power outlets and warmth around the electric panel, it is a sign that you will need to get your electrical panel upgraded.


Installing New Appliances

A primary reason for upgrading electrical panel is because it simply does not have the capacity to deal with modern appliances. So, if you are planning on installing a major appliance in your home and office and you know that it need a lot of energy to work, you must get an upgrade on your electrical panel because your existing one may not suffice. If you will avoid upgrading the panel, the power provided by your electric panel might not be enough, and the circuit breakers will keep tripping. It will only cause you discomfort and inconvenience, which you surely won’t appreciate.

Types of Electrical Panel Upgrades

Upgrading your electrical system

  • You can get the individual circuit breakers, however, it is highly recommended to consult with a licensed electrician before deciding to replace just a single circuit breaker since there could be other problems underlying its failure.
  • If your panel is water damaged, has mouse droppings, damaged wires or are old, you must replace the panel.
  • The demand of electricity in many households exceeds its supply because of various modern electronic technologies that we use today. With ‘Heavy Up’ electrical panel upgrade one can equip their home, especially older homes for today’s heavier electrical usage.

 Summing It Up

You should always take the help of a licensed professional to do the electrical work around the house or office. Doing it all by yourself, especially when you lack knowledge can do more harm than good.

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