Some Important Tips to Install A Ceiling Fan

One of the basic necessities in every household or commercial space is ceiling fan. As Mother Earth is facing global warming issues, areas that used to be cold and never felt the need for such an appliance, now have to get it installed to stay comfortable indoors. If we talk about warmer countries, a life without such ceiling fans seems impossible and suffocating. However, it is vital that one follows careful installation method to enjoy the functionality and benefits of ceiling fan. Listed below are some essential tips that you can follow during installation.

Carefully Pick The Location Of Ceiling Fan

Before you go ahead and get a ceiling fan installed, it is vital that you pick the right location. This is a significant decision because its placement will determine the effectiveness of this appliance. Try to figure out a location from where the fan can equally distribute the air in the room. If the location is not right, you will feel uncomfortable indoors and you will also need to make it work in its full strength to get air in the direction of your choice which will further increase your energy bill.

Size Of The Fan Also Plays A Vital Role

‘Bigger the better’ this approach with ceiling fan cannot work every time. So when you are picking out ceiling fan for any room, consider how big that area is. If the room is small, having a big fan installed might not benefit you. Same will happen if the room is big and the ceiling fan is small. If the area is quite large, consider installing a big fan or go for two or three according to the requirements. For a small room, go with a small sized ceiling fan.

DIY Or Professional Help?

When it comes to actually installing the ceiling fan, people often ask whether to go for DIY approach or hire a professional for the work. Those who do it themselves have significant knowledge about electrical work and they also take help of others as well. However, if you don’t have any knowledge regarding electrical work, it is better you leave the installation of ceiling fan in the hands of seasoned professionally only. This is because when experts will do this work, there won’t be any chances of mistakes and the fan will work with its optimum strength.

Speed Of Ceiling Fan

When installing the ceiling fan, you can decide on the number of speed levels it should have. As a user, you must consider opting for three speeds or more as this will give you control over the amount of air circulation the room. During pleasant days you can use it on a low speed and on hot days, you can enhance it speed with a simple switch, making residing indoors comfortable and pleasant.

Consider The Height

When installing the ceiling fan don’t overlook the height factor because as the name suggests, the fan will be installed in the ceiling. If it is too high, it might not provide optimum air and can increase the level of discomfort. A height of 8-10 foot is considered ideal, however, if you have a higher ceiling, then you must get it installed in a way that it is not too high to distribute the air properly.

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