How to Prepare for an Electrical Emergency

When Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity in the late 1700s, not many would have thought that the world would be so dependent on everything upon electricity. The appliances at our homes, the mobiles in our pockets, the traffic lights on the roads to electric cars, everything utilizes electricity. Electricity has become such a major part of our day to day life that we cannot imagine our life without it. But as we have this increase in the use of electricity we also have the risk of falling to hazards that electricity possesses. So, here is the list of electrical emergencies and steps you need to take to be prepared for it. 


Electrical Fire

The most dangerous of all electrical emergencies is an electrical fire. This can happen due to a short circuit in most cases. In case of an electrical fire evacuate the premises and call the fire brigade. Switch off the main supply of the circuit to prevent the fire from spreading. Don’t use in any circumstance a water fire extinguisher as it will only conduct electricity and will lead to more chaos, use only the gas type CO2 fire extinguisher in an event of an electrical fire. 


Electrical Emergency

Appliance shocks are the most common forms of electrical emergency. A failed earthen connection or a bare wire can lead to such situations. Electric shocks are mostly not harmful, but in case the shock is from big equipment like fridges, ovens or even televisions then it could lead to fatal outcomes. In case a person gets stuck to an appliance don’t touch the person and the appliance and maintain a safe distance. Switch off the supply to the appliance, and as an extra precautionary measure pull of the power switch from the power board. The person electrocuted will initially suffer from muscle cramps, and low pulses, and can even have burns on the body. Call an ambulance and let the victim breathe fresh air. In case the situation worsens, give CPR until the ambulance arrives. 


Local Electrical Power Distributor

High voltage wire over our heads can lead to fatal accidents. These high voltage wires have very huge potential in them and if they come in contact with any person the chance of survival is very minimal. In case you happen to see a fallen wire first and foremost call the local electrical power distributor to cut off the line. While you do so make sure you are not standing on water or are close to the fallen wire. Stay at least 10-12 meters away from the fallen wire. Make sure that you are not in contact with anything metallic. Also, call the emergency response team so that they can quarantine the area to eliminate any chances of a mishap. 

These are a few common electrical emergencies that can happen around anyone. Make sure that in any of these situations don’t panic, first safeguard yourself and then help others, don’t use a water extinguisher and go for a CO2 one instead and call the local emergency help as soon as possible.

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