5 signs you need to replace circuit breaker

The electrical panel at our home is the heart of the min power supply and like most home systems, it will eventually demand the need of an up-gradation in due time. A Circuit breaker panel is where the main power line from the national grid enters your home and gets distributed throughout the electrical system at your home to the lights, plugs, and appliances.

The electrical board panel contains circuit breaker who is supposed to disconnect circuits in the event of power surges to maintain the excess electricity from getting your gadgets and appliance from burning.

So if you find an old, faulty, or broken service panel, and it fails to deliver its functions properly, your home is at risk of burning electronic items in your home, that might cause you suffer a blackout, electrocution, or even electrical fires.

Replace Circuit Breaker

Signs That You Need To Replace your Circuit Breaker:

  1. Tripping Circuit Breakers

If you find your breaker tripping every time you turn on a particular appliance like the vacuum cleaner or a microwave, the breaker might break down and ready to fail. An expert local electrician will be able to identify the issue behind the bad breaker or if there is any need to add a circuit to your home.


  1. Electrical Panel releasing a Burning Smell

If you get to smell a burning odor from the electric panel of your home that means that the wires and insulation have become overheated and are failing to safeguard your home from electrical shorts. Don’t wait further! Shut off the main power supply of the house and reach your local electrician immediately, before it becomes an electrical emergency.


  1. Electrical Panel Feels Warm

Heating Electrical Panel

A heating electrical panel indicates an overloaded electrical panel, worn-out components or inappropriate installation. It’s not safe to continue using the electrical panel in your home so you should consider calling your local electrician as soon as you figure out this situation. Shut down the power supply and schedule an appointment with your local electrician.


  1. Old or Damaged Wiring

As your wiring gets old and it starts getting weaken and you might observe the flickering lights, or might experience shock while using an appliance. If such situation persists, then it may be because of the problem with your wiring, and you should immediately reach for the local electrical services to upgrade the electrical panel.

  1. Poor Performance from Appliances: 

Your electrical appliances may not be performing well that they are supposed to. Your stove must be unable to get the proper temperature or dryer might shut down in mid-cycle. Such conditions might be able to get your convinced that all the kitchen appliances need to be replaced circuit breaker due to inconsistent performance. But, think once again and instead of purchasing new appliances for your home, consider replacing your breakers.

Replacing Home Circuit Breaker

If you come across any of these signs with your circuit breaker, immediately look for a residential electrician to upgrade your electrical service. Don’t hesitate to refer to online electrical fixing services to obtain complete circuit breaker repair services, at your home.



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