7 Reasons Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Prevent Circuit Breaker from Tripping

The circuit breaker usually faces the tripping situation. When there is a short-circuit or overload problem the current can exceed its capacity and as a result, the breaker trips and the electricity flow also gets cut off in that specific area of the home. This is the reason when a breaker tips as a result the power loss issues arises at home all at once. Safety is the main factor that must be considered first always especially in the case of electrical needs and fixtures. Thus, to make it easily understandable for you, here are some of the reasons that cause the circuit breaker to trip so make sure you go through all these and know about it better so that it can be avoided.

1 Excessive appliance use.

 Every circuit breaker is set to provide a very definite amount of electrical current. This current is measured in amps. When the total number of amps gets exceeded, as a result, the breaker will always trip. This situation usually occurs when a person gets a new appliance such as large plasma TV and tries to plug the appliance into a circuit that already is near or at maximum capacity.

2 High-draw appliances.

 There are some appliances that draw a shockingly great amount of power. Some commonly used such kind of appliances including microwave, portable heaters, hairdryers and vacuums. Appliances of such nature must always be operated on a proper high-draw circuit dedicatedly given from these. Also, never commit the mistake of plugging these appliances anywhere.

3 Worn out or damaged breakers.

 It can also be possible that your current breakers with time get worn out! You must know that like every other appliance or tool even breakers come with a shelf life and gradually it can give way to the aging process. When this kind of situation arises then they could possibly begin tripping often arbitrarily or even it led to the problem in operating at all.

Storms and lightning strike. 

 Storms can certainly be another cause of circuit breaker tripping, although it cannot be the most common one it does have an impact. We highly recommend properly look into the overall home surge protection systems so that this situation can be prevented, as well as it is helpful in protecting high-cost and important home appliances.

Bad wiring.

 Whenever you see the wiring has started to wear out or is getting damaged you can assume that such situations open up your home and circuits towards problems like short-circuiting,

Short circuit

 The other most common reason why circuit breakers trip suddenly is due to short circuit, this reason is comparatively more dangerous than the problem of an overloaded circuit. When there is a hot wire which comes in contact with a neutral wire in electrical outlets then as a result short circuit is caused.

Circuit Overloads

The main reason for often constant circuit breakers trip is a circuit. This is a problem that arises when you are willing from a particular circuit to give more electricity than the overall actual capacity of it. This then leads to overheating of the circuit, risking the electrical appliances connected with the circuit.

All the above-given reasons play a vital role in the tripping problem that you might be facing every now and then with your circuit breaker. Hiring professional electricians to fix the issue of the continuous tripping problem is one of the best decisions to make. Thus, find the best professionals for such circuit breaker problems.


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