When Does a Circuit Breaker Need Replacement?

Circuit Breaker Replacement

Licensed electricians are a great option for replacing faulty circuit breakers. This issue of the faulty circuit breaker is known to be one of the most common ones for which professionals are hired. As you might already know that Circuit breakers popularly serve a very crucial function in the electrical system of a home. It is important to protect the wires from getting overheated while facing a sudden surge of electricity by tripping off. When it is not working in a correct manner, the overheated and overloaded wires can also become a cause of major issues such as electrical shocks, house fires, and in some extreme cases even loss of life. Thus, it is the duty of a homeowner to avoid such problems from occurring by getting a proper solution done to such faulty and old circuit breaker by getting them replaces. So, we have got you some situations to detect and know that it is time for circuit breaker replacement.

1. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights indicate a much bigger problem along with just being annoying. Although flickering lights can be an issue which might arise due to several numbers reasons which might include overheated wiring, burnt fixture and loose circuit connections, this problem could also come up from other factors like failing circuit breaker switch which is in need of getting replaced.

2. Poor performing fixtures and appliances

When any of your appliances at home such as iron, toaster, iron oven or vacuum cleaner are all seem to be in relatively good shape but still unknowingly are usually underperforming, the main culprit of this problem could probably be a faulty circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker fails in performing as it regularly should, you might experience issues like overheated wiring because it would not be able to take any type of a load of running the modern appliances with high voltage.

3. Burning smell around the switchboard

Insulation and Wiring can burn because of overheating and also the smell of it can be also a factor to worry about. It can also be a prominent indication that the circuit breaker that you have is not effective in doing the job of protecting the circuits from getting overheated.

4. Continuous tripping of Breaker

Whenever you go for plugging in an appliance and suddenly the circuit breaker gets tripped then it is good news because that’s the problem which is occurring in this case when people usually consider the appliance to be faulty in such a situation. However, whenever the breaker keeps on tripping even after getting it, the main culprit is usually not the appliance in this scenario but the breaker itself.

5. Tricky resetting

When you see a circuit breaker tripping you should be resetting it back to its original position so that it can easily once again start performing the way it should be. However, if you choose to reset it and then it gets flipped back just after and rather does not gets stuck or budge in the center then that could be a problem that requires professional assistance. Thus, it is best to get a licensed electrician to come over for it and check the issue immediately.

Some kind of fault in the circuit breaker usually doesn’t cost too much. Also, opting for timely repair or replacement is helpful in saving not only your house, appliances, but it can turn out to be a lifesaving solution by reducing the chances of extreme accidents. Hence, this is one definite investment that is worth getting done for protecting your home and saving the lives of your loved ones.


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