Workplace mishap is something very common nowadays that you will come across. As per the research of the US Department of Labor, these accidents mostly occur due to poor lighting conditions and workers not wearing the protective gear.

Hence, it has been deduced that by improving the workplace lighting the number of accidents can be significantly minimized. In the industries, this change can actually help to reduce the total number of deaths of the employees working in the harsh environment.

Proper distribution of light

Industrial Lighting

Due to poor distribution of light, the surroundings and parts of the ceiling seem dark and gloomy. This makes it really difficult for the workers to see properly. To overcome such a situation usually, a complete lighting survey may be required. This would help in identifying and solving the problems. But such a survey would require practical experience and complex equipment. A basic lighting survey includes the following steps:

  • Illuminance

    – This not only keeps the city safe but is equally important in industrial workplaces. Indoor lighting in the right direction and proper strength aid workers in industry and production houses to work faster and accurately with ultimate safety even in windowless buildings.

    Illuminance is nothing but the amount of light focusing on a surface. It is measured either in lux or lumens /square meter. This is generally measured with the help of a light meter. For accurate results, readings must be taken from different angles and positions.
  • Luminance

    – This indicates the amount of light getting reflected from a surface. The unit of measurement is candela per square meter. It can be measured with the help of an illuminance meter. Several measurements are taken and then averaged. Usually, luminance tables are referred to check the values.
  • Contrast

    – This normally indicates the relationship between the brightness of an object and its background. This too can be measured with the help of a luminance meter. You need to use a specific formula to calculate the contrast.
  • Reflectance

    – This refers to the ratio of light falling on a particular surface to the amount of light getting reflected from a surface. It is normally expressed as a percentage. Reflectance can be measured either with the help of a light meter or a reflectometer.

Shift to industrial LED lights

Shift to industrial LED lights

Considering the problems faced in industrial lighting, technology has come up with high-quality LED industrial lightings that are available in modern design and are highly durable. It has turned out to be an ideal solution in reducing the risk of industrial accidents by creating a well-illuminated safe working environment.

Here, is a list of advantages you can enjoy with the use of industrial LED lights:

  • Enhanced color rendering

    - Industrial LEDs normally have a CRI of 70 or higher which is known to provide a natural light color that is pretty close to the daylight. This can significantly improve the color perception of the employees.
  • Improved worker attentiveness

    – The use of a pleasant white light of these modern LEDs helps in reducing fatigue and keeps the workers more alert. Studies say LED lighting aids the workers in easily detecting the risk of slipping, falling or stumbling thus reducing a large number of workplace accidents.
  • Minimum exposure to hazardous substances

    - LED lights do not contain mercury or any other harmful chemicals. This is what makes them a safer alternative in the case of industrial applications.
  • Requires minimum maintenance

    - Industrial LED lights last longer than conventional lighting. They have a life span of 54,000 to as many as 120,000 operational hours. This indicates that industrial LED lights hardly need any maintenance.

There are many homes, offices, and industrial units that are using aluminum wiring. However, very few people are aware of the fact that it can pose a great deal of risk and fire hazards. As the cost of copper wiring took a hike, people starting opting for aluminum wire for electrical branch circuits as it is a more economical substitute to copper wire. Soon, numerous complaints came into light such as overheated outlets, switches, and fires, drawing a significant amount of attention and initiating research to identify the causes and corrective measures.

Aluminium Wiring

As a result, there were many manufacturing changes done for the electrical industry to improve the safety of aluminum wire and connectors. However, despite these efforts there remains considerable controversy and confusion over the safety of aluminum wiring even today. Aluminum wiring can still be found in wall receptacles, switches and cable connections (e.g., fans, furnaces, light fixtures, etc.) It has 5 potential deficiencies, such as:

Safety of aluminum wire


. Brittleness:

It is a fact that aluminum wiring is considerably more brittle than copper wiring. The point of connection or termination is where most breaks occur, causing a potential fire and other serious hazards.

. Cold Flow:

It is very obvious that electricity will pass through aluminum wires and sometimes the load can be a little too much, heating up the wires. But the issue with aluminum wires is that they deform forms at a higher rate than copper under heat.

. Expansion:

Another problem that aluminum wires cause is that they expand up to 30 percent more than copper wires when get heated.

. Oxidation:

Aluminum wires corrode from oxidation and that too pretty quickly, especially when compared with copper wire. This means that the former reduces educing the ability to conduct electric, leading to power failures and other serious problems on a regular basis.

. Workmanship:

After going through the issues mentioned above about aluminum wires, you must have realized that these physical properties make it is essential to pay greater care during installation to prevent damaging the conductor.

So, it is pretty much evident that technology aluminum wiring can cause loose connections that can lead to over-heating, arcing and sparking. All this can further ignite dust, insulation or other surrounding combustible materials causing building fire. We all know that most receptacles, switches, and cable connections are concealed within the walls, floor or ceiling. So if fire ignites, it will go undetected until it gets out of control and causing serious damage.

Use of Aluminum Wiring

Use of Aluminum Wiring

If you are still adamant on using aluminum wiring, you must get all repairs and installation work done by a competent person, notably a licensed electrician.

If your home or office building is quite old, you can get it checked for warm electrical switch or receptacle face plates. When you notice flickering lights when the bulb is in otherwise good condition, and the odor of melting or burning plastic, you must contact a professional at the earliest to avoid any kind of hazard.

If you are planning in switching LED lighting, keeping the cost and energy saving benefits in mind, you will find two paths that you can take, that is, convert your existing fixtures to work with LED or replace those fixtures with new LED fixtures. However, within these two paths, there are number of options that you can choose on the basis of type and location of your fixtures, lighting goals and definitely, on your budget. Take a look at some of the effective ways you can upgrade fluorescent lights.

Upgrade Fluorescent Lights

Replacing Fluorescent Tubes With LED Retrofit Tubes

This method is less expensive than replacing the whole fixture and requires a little bit of re-wiring of the fixture to bypass the fixture's ballast. However the ballast accounts for about 10% of your fixture's energy draw, as a result, the fixture will be even more energy efficient when you're done. This way you also eliminate ballast failures, flickering and dimness that are symptoms of ballast on its way to failing.

Replacing Fluorescent Tubes With Magnetic LED Strips

Fluorescent Tubes with Magnetic LED Strips

Replacing your fluorescent tubes with magnetic LED strips is also a quite reasonable option. It is easy to adhere magnetic LED strips and magnetic LED driver to metal fixtures. You will not need to use wire power to tombstone sockets, as you can simply connect your building's power to the driver, then quick-connect the driver to the strips with the included cables.

Replacing Fluorescent Fixture With An LED-Ready T8 Fixture + LED Tubes

This method works with any LED tube without rewiring. All you have to do is just pop the tubes in and go. The new fixture will give your place a new clean look, updating its surroundings. However, DLC listing & rebate eligibility are based on the tubes you purchase for the fixture.

Replacing Fixtures With LED Panel Lights

Fixtures with LED Panel Lights

Upgrade to a sleek and contemporary look while retaining the troffer footprint. This method is particularly beneficial when replacing fixtures in suspended grid ceilings. It can also be surface-mounted to flat ceilings. When you will start using LED panel lights, you will notice that it provides an evenly dispersed lighting without the visible dim spots that sometimes show with both fluorescent and LED tubes.

Replacing Fluorescent Fixture With A LED Fixture

LED fixtures provide all-in-one design that further allows for sleeker and slimmer profile. Not being much larger than a fluorescent tube, it can be surface mounted or suspended from wires. It is known for providing more light output than fixtures with tubes and it also comes with long lamp life, reducing concerns over having to replace the fixture at the end of its life. Furthermore, it allows for greater dust and water protection.


If you are clear on what kind of upgrade you want, go ahead with it, however, it is totally common to feel daunted by so many possibilities and deciding which one is the best option for you. If you are feeling clueless, you can always take help and advice of seasoned and licensed professionals to guide you in this field with their expertise

In the era of LED lights, there are plenty of people who are still using the incandescent light bulbs. As a result, they are replacing it quite often and paying high energy bills. However, many are understanding the importance and value of fluorescent lighting and are seriously considering to upgrade the same. Apart from giving a modern appearance, it has to offer many more benefits. If you are still not able to make up your mind and still pondering over the thought weather to update fluorescent lights or not, then we will give you top 5 compelling reasons why it is a great decision.

Fluorescent Lights

1. Longer Operational Life

One of the best reasons to switch to fluorescent lights is their very long life expectancy, which can be for over 100,000 hours on average without showing their age. With this kind of lifespan, one changes their incandescent light bulbs an approximately twenty times. So, you can understand with traditional lighting, you will be paying again and again to change it, where as fluorescent lights will stay the same for a longer period of time and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

2. Energy Efficiency

Upgrade to Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent lights and energy efficiency are like best friends that go hand in hand. Once you will upgrade to fluorescent lights, you can say goodbye to those high electricity bills that burns your pocket and savings every time. Such lights are energy efficient because they are designed to work at 80% energy efficiency, meaning 80% electrical energy is converted to light energy. On the other hand, the exact opposite occurs with traditional incandescent bulbs, meaning they consume too much energy and gives less light.

3. Safe To Use

What a lot of people don’t know is the fact that fluorescent lights are much cooler than incandescent lights, reducing the risk of combustion and accidental house fires, keeping you and your family safer. You won’t have to worry about it causing any kind of risk towards your family. Being extremely durable thanks to their solid-state construction, so there’s no broken glass to deal with, either. You and your family enjoy utmost safety and security.

4. Utmost Reliability

Another great advantage and reason to upgrade to fluorescent lights is that they are very dependable and don’t require any maintenance. This means, you don’t have to waste your time in changing faulty lights and bulbs, saving you considerable amount of time that can be put to better uses. This is equally beneficial in residential, commercial as well as industrial setting.

5. Ease Of Installation & Replacement

Easy Installation of fluorescent lights

What’s amazing and convenient with fluorescent lights is that they are easy to install, replace and upgrade. With the help of a licensed electrician, you can get it installed in any setting and the whole process won’t consume too much of your precious time. The experts will give you an estimate and will get to the work at the earliest, so that you can start enjoying its various benefits as soon as possible.

When homeowners think of revamping their home, upgrading electrical panel is one of the most important things that cross their minds. Also, others start noticing the sign that this particular area needs an upgrade, especially when they are planning to sell their house. There are plenty of reasons why one should consider upgrading the electrical panel, but before one goes into this work, it is essential and beneficial to gather some vital information about it.

What Is an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Electrical Panel Upgrade

It is highly advised that one should regularly check the electrical panel in their house or office, even if it doesn’t need any electrical fix. Your focus should be on signs of rust or scorching, both of which indicate underlying damage to the system. Checking and maintaining it must be a part of your regular routine. If you see a thing that is even a slightly off, you must consider an electrical upgrade because it is necessary. When you will get an upgrade, you can avoid faulty circuits, overload and possibility of electrical panel starting a fire.

Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade


Faulty Wiring

Safety is always of paramount importance when dealing with electricity and wiring within a house or commercial space. A faulty wiring can easily ignite a fire, so you must get it replaced before it gets too old. However, when you will get your electrical panel inspected regularly by a professional electrician, he will be able to spot any issues at the earliest. If you are noticing flickering lights, small electric shocks when touching appliances, a smell of burning, scorch marks or sparking on power outlets and warmth around the electric panel, it is a sign that you will need to get your electrical panel upgraded.


Installing New Appliances

A primary reason for upgrading electrical panel is because it simply does not have the capacity to deal with modern appliances. So, if you are planning on installing a major appliance in your home and office and you know that it need a lot of energy to work, you must get an upgrade on your electrical panel because your existing one may not suffice. If you will avoid upgrading the panel, the power provided by your electric panel might not be enough, and the circuit breakers will keep tripping. It will only cause you discomfort and inconvenience, which you surely won’t appreciate.

Types of Electrical Panel Upgrades

Upgrading your electrical system

  • You can get the individual circuit breakers, however, it is highly recommended to consult with a licensed electrician before deciding to replace just a single circuit breaker since there could be other problems underlying its failure.
  • If your panel is water damaged, has mouse droppings, damaged wires or are old, you must replace the panel.
  • The demand of electricity in many households exceeds its supply because of various modern electronic technologies that we use today. With ‘Heavy Up’ electrical panel upgrade one can equip their home, especially older homes for today’s heavier electrical usage.

 Summing It Up

You should always take the help of a licensed professional to do the electrical work around the house or office. Doing it all by yourself, especially when you lack knowledge can do more harm than good.

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