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LED lights are the newest entry in the home décor setup. Since the time that these LED lights have come up in the scene and space of home décor, many people use these lights at various parts of their houses to elevate the décor in terms of its aesthetics. Led lights have man advantages over normal lighting solutions available. These lights are very efficient, cheap, and don’t require much maintenance. Available in different shapes, sizes, and colors, these LED lights fit the requirement of almost everyone. There are many ways in which these LED lights can be used. So, what are the top Home LED lighting ideas? Here is a list:

1-   Outdoor LED lighting:

Outdoor LED lighting is one of the most looked upon setups when decorating a house. These lights are very compact and can face the outside weather very well. These lights can be used on the house entrance or the main gate. The lights can also be used on the pathway, at the center as one single strip and also along both sides. The lights can also be embedded in the exterior corners of the house. This will illuminate the corners and will give your house a beautiful silhouette during the night.

2-   Glass and LED:

LED can also be used with glass. There are various setups in which the LED comes embedded with the glass. The glass comes in many variants in terms of transparency, shapes, surface textures, and patterns in the glass. The setup makes for a wonderful scene when installed below the ceiling. This setup can be used in any part of the house. Your living room, kitchen, bedroom all these places are perfect for the installation of this beautiful setup of glass and LED.

3-   Under Furniture:

LED lights as we know are very small and compact, but irrespective of the size these come in a variety of illuminance which they can offer. Also, since there are a plethora of colors to choose from these can be beautifully matched with the colors of your wall or the interiors and these lights can then be installed below the furniture. This gives your furniture a very modern yet elegant look. Added these lights to make sure that there are no dark spots in the interior making the house look bright.

4-   Mirrors:

People struggle for good light when in front of the mirror especially when they are applying makeup. LED lights can hence be installed around the perimeter of these mirrors. The illuminance of these LEDs can be adjusted as per your desired settings.

LED lights have a very vast usage sphere when it comes to their practical usage in and out of the house. These lights fit every requirement as they are very versatile. The installation of these lights is also not difficult as these don’t require much modification and are mostly plug and use type solutions.


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