Important Questions to Ask Your Electrical Contractor ASAP

Electricity is dangerous to handle and one needs to hire a professional while dealing with electrical equipment. Hiring an electrical contractor is the best option. You must do research on whom you are calling to fix your problem since all professional contractors do not have the same level of expertise. It is advised to call them some of the below questions before you hire them:

  • Are you licensed?

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    The first thing is that you should ask a professional whether he holds a license and if you could see it. There are various kinds of electrical contract licenses for different kinds of jobs. The state-certified electrical contractors are the best and expert in their field. The regional and local electricians can only work in a limited area and their tasks are also limited.

  • Are you insured?

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    During work, if any fatal accident occurs, an insured contractor is liable for his team and property damage. Remember it is one of the vital questions that you should ask your contractor.

  • What are your credentials?

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    You should always hire a well-experienced contractor. An experienced contractor knows modern electrical methods like installation, replacement, etc. It is always safer to hire them.

  • Do you have any references? 

    It is always important to check whether the contractor has a good working background. If he is good at his work then his past clients would be happy about his work. It is always profitable to hire such a professional. Reference is as important as a license.

  • Do I need a permit?

    Sometimes a contractor may not know about the permits required to do the work they are allowed. It is your duty to arrange all kinds of permits beforehand so that no legal issue crops up in the future.  As a homeowner, it is your duty to look after required permits.

  •  Who will perform the actual work?

    Sometimes, a licensed contractor may hire a local electrician to do your work until you hire an actual company. You should ask them directly if he will do your task in person or appoint someone else for the task.

  • What work will you perform?

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    For the sake of transparency, ask your contractor to give an estimate of the cost breakdown in order to get the right idea. Sometimes the contractor has to penetrate the drywall or flooring. In such cases, it is convenient to ask for a price breakdown.

  • What are your service fees?

    In order to avoid any hidden charges always ask your contractor about their fees and other charges like travel costs, trip charges, etc. It is always advised to keep monetary dealings transparent.

  • What are your specialties?

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    Some contractors are experts at installation and repair while some are better at replacement and maintenance. You must ask your contractor his skillset and specialization. Always hire a professional who suits your specific requirements.

  • Is your work under warranty?

    It is very important to ask whether they provide a warranty for their task and if anything goes wrong then what will be the extra charge that you have to bear. These are some vital points you should not miss while hiring a contractor.

These are a few vital points you should always remember while hiring a contractor or you may repent later.

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