Points You Need to Know About Circuit Breaker Replacements

Circuit Breaker Replacement

What a lot of people don’t know is that circuit breaker doesn’t needs to be replaced because they are designed in such a way that it could be reset. If the circuit breaker may break or malfunction, then it will need to be replaced with a new one. Looking at the ones used in residential setting, you will see that it has a main circuit breakerand separate branch circuit breakers that connect to different area in the home.

Circuit Breaker Replacement

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If the circuit breaker requires replacement, you can follow the below mentioned steps.

  • A common household circuit breaker is housed in a regular 2-pole main breaker with branch circuit compartments. So, you would first turn off all of the branch circuit breakers and then the main circuit breaker. However, never make the mistake of assuming that the breakers are off. Check for voltage on adjacent breakers to make sure the breaker panel is actually dead.
  • Now, you will need to take the panel off as this will give you access to branch circuit breakers but not the main breaker compartment. Make sure you don’t attempt to remove the cover to the main breaker as this work needs to be undertaken by a certified electrician only. You can replace the circuit breaker by just removing the panel cover.
  • After removing the cover, disconnect the wire from the faulty breaker and pull it out of the way and then carefully pry the defective circuit breaker out of its position. At this time, take note of how the breaker fits in the panel and locks into position so that you can put the new circuit breaker in correctly. After taking that into account, insert the new circuit.
  • As you have already have circuit panel open, check the other branch circuits to make sure they are properly in place and tighten any loose parts. Don’t forget to put the panel cover back on and making sure all the branch circuit switches are in the “off” position. Now, switch on the main circuit breaker and then flip on each individual branch breaker separately.

After you are done, if the replacement circuit breaker is not working right, then there is a circuit problem that should be checked by a professional electrician only.

Essential Tips

Circuit Breaker services tips

When working with any type of electrical device or outlet, it is essential to maintain completely safety because circuit breaker boxes and panels house a lot of electricity. It is vital to follow safety precautions when working around such areas. You must also have the right set of tools before you open or start replacing the circuit breaker. Also, don’t forget to switch off the electricity unit as touching a live wire can turn out to be fatal.

If you are an amateur, it is best that you contact a seasoned electrician for this job, rather than taking chances yourself. The professionals know how to get the job done effectively without posing any dangers towards themselves or anyone else. Once their work is complete, you can use circuit breaker unit without any worries.

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