Which Appliances Need a Dedicated Circuit?

If tripping circuit breakers has become a common incident at your home, then appliances at home may need dedicated circuits. Do you know which appliances need a dedicated circuit? If no, then read ahead to know more about it.

There is a specific purpose of a dedicated circuit. It comes with own circuit breaker in electrical box. It is used with a single outlet or appliance. No other outlets use this energy from the dedicated circuit. As its name suggests, dedicated means that severs one purpose only. It makes appliance to access all energy of the dedicated circuit without sharing it with other appliances. It prevents tripping a circuit breaker or overloading system.

There are many appliances in home that need current or electricity to run. Some appliances need so much power, while need less electricity. Some appliances that need more power should have their own or dedicated circuit. An overload can trip circuit breaker and cause damage. A dedicated circuit is required to ensure safety or your electrical system or home. It is important for you to understand which appliances need own circuit to work properly.

Dedicated Circuits

Top Appliances Need a Dedicated Circuit:

HVAC System

Well, you must know that HVAC system consume a lot of power and it require dedicated circuit. Cooling and heating systems need separate circuits. Approximately 15,000 watts is required to run a furnace, so it requires own circuit.

Electrical Oven

This is commonly used appliance in kitchens these days. This is a voltage powerhouse and need dedicated circuit with voltage of 240 Volt and a unique receptacle. Gas ovens have lower voltage, but they also need dedicated or own circuit to run properly without making any damage to electrical system.


No doubt, microwaves are available in many varieties and sizes, but they all need dedicated circuits. They must be plugged with a 120 V and a 20A receptacle. Some people plug them into standard circuits, but it can cause system overload.


This appliance is used 24/7 in almost every home. It works continuously and consume a lot of power. It requires constant power, so dedicated circuit is need to maintain that constant supply. They may need voltage of 120 V.


A washer and dryer mostly plugged into different receptacles. Voltage needed for this due may range from voltage 120 to 240V. More power is used by dryer as compared to washer. They both require own circuit due to proficient power consumption.

These above-mentioned appliances may draw more energy or current if they do not have own circuit.  Without dedicated circuits, overheating wire insulation, blowing fuses and tripping breakers will become common and it may lead to electrical fire.  Some other appliances that also need own circuits include saunas, hot tubs, central vacuums, water pumps, water heaters, furnace, heating and AC units, dryers, washers, toaster ovens, garbage disposals, dishwashers, freezers, large microwaves, refrigerators, wall ovens, electric ranges and more such appliances. You should consult with experienced electricians to get the job done.


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