Things to Know Before Buying Ceiling Fans for Your New Home

Buying ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a must for people living in tropical countries throughout the year. These are not just needed in summer but also in all the other seasons except winter. It is mandatory to have ceiling fans in summer at your home. Besides the other electrical appliances like tube light and stove, ceiling fans are one of the most important electrical appliances that you should have. If you are planning to install ceiling fans for your new home, these are the few things that you should keep in mind before getting one. 

Here we will be talking about certain things that you need to keep in your mind before getting ceiling fans installed at your home. 

    • Energy-saving is a huge plus point that you get here. Ceiling fans can give you both comfort and save energy and reduce your electrical bills. We all know turning on the air conditioner the whole time results in an electricity bill of huge amounts. Ceiling fans save you from this. Turning on the ceiling fan can provide you comfort and at the same time, can save over 40% of the total energy that could have been wasted on using air conditioners. As a result of this, your bill also does not come out so huge and does not make a huge hole in your pocket.

Bigger rooms fan

    • Before you buy a ceiling fan for your home, one thing that you should be keeping in mind is that bigger rooms need bigger ceiling fans. Also, make sure to put the ceiling fan in the center so that air reaches every point of the room. Make sure the blade is eighteen inches far from every corner of the room and the ceiling should be at least eight feet in height.

    • Fan blades and pitches play a major role in making sure air is getting distributed in every part of the room. Make sure the fan blades must be at an angle of twelve to fifteen degrees for having optimal circulation which would, in turn, lead to the air getting distributed throughout the room. The greater the angle or the higher the pitch of the blade, the more air will circulate throughout the room.

    • Make sure your product has a good warranty period. There are some manufacturers who provide a lifetime warranty and in-home service. Make it a point to get products from them. 

    • Installation is also a big point here. You need to do it properly to make your ceiling fan work properly. In the case of other electrical devices, you will notice that the installations are very easy and can be done in a few minutes. Ceiling fans do not work that way. It is a long process including step by step procedures. What you need to determine is whether you want to bring the wirings in the room where the ceiling fan is to be installed or not. Many people choose the option of replacing existing lights with ceiling fans. This way the wiring remains in place too. 

    • Also, make sure to choose the lighting the way it would complement the look of your fan and the room. This way the decor of your room would look absolutely lovely.

Ceiling Fans and lights

  • Make sure to buy ceiling fans from a reputed place. The place where you get it from matters a lot here. Make sure the person you are buying from has a piece of good knowledge of electrical appliances, or else you may end up taking the wrong decision getting influenced by his wrong advice.

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