Top 5 Causes of Electrical Fires and Tips to Prevent Them

House Fire is one of those concerns that homeowners fear a lot. Since, everything nowadays from cleaning home to entertainment run on electricity, making sure the security of the same becomes important. Therefore, it is recommended to make timely checks to prevent any electrical fires occurrence.

In order to prevent electrical fires occurrence, you must know about the causes of Electrical fires. Knowing the causes can keep you and your loved ones protected from any sudden hit of electrical fires. So, here are the causes that you must know about.

1. Old appliances with outlet issues

It is quite understandable that every one of us wants to make use of our appliances to the fullest. Some commonly used home appliances like fridges and washing machines are the most common ones that people usually don’t replace that easily. But, keeping worn-out appliances at home can become a major culprit behind an electrical fire. This is because all such devices require a lot of units and power. Additionally, those damaged and frayed cords consist of a high risk of igniting a blaze that can be very destructive.

Old electrical appliances

Preventive Tip: Make sure you update every appliance that becomes outdated at your home. Bringing new models can be a plus as those are safer and efficient too. Also, you should at all times avoid forcing three-prong plug inside two-plug outlets.

2. worn-out wiring

At Times it becomes hard to decide whether or not the unsafe and old wiring is due to the majority hidden electrical work behind a wall at your residence. Anyhow, problems caused due to wiring brings a major threat of fire. Therefore, you must pay attention to the signs of any hidden electrical issues that may persist. Once you know about any such issue, take the help of a professional to get it fixed. Some indications like flickering lights, excessive heating of electrical devices, burning smells from an unexplained source, shocks from appliances and much more should never be ignored.

worn-out wiring

Preventive Tip: If you are living in an older home then make sure your house electrical work conditions are well inspected and analyzed through a professional electrician.

3. Light fixture

Light and other lamp fixtures do generate some required illumination but can become a risk as well. This is because in case a bulb is placed which consists of higher wattage than the fixture is capable of handling then the risk of fire is more. Notice the amount of maximum wattage that is allowed for all the fixtures.

Light Bulbs

Preventive Tip: Make sure you never decorate a lamp with the help of cloth or paper that can ignite. Make sure the fixtures are kept away from the textiles. Ensure that damaged or frayed cords are replaced efficiently.

4. Unsafe space heaters

During the times when you require some extra warmth then portable heaters seem to be one appealing option to choose. But, unfortunately, it can be a hazardous choice for you. The reason behind this is the major causes of fire to be the residential heaters in recent times. It can cause burn injuries and can be very unsafe.

Unsafe space heaters

Preventive Tip: While using a portable heater make sure you use an up-to-date model in order to reduce the risk of fire. As these models have all the modern safety features. Also, the size of the heater should be chosen as per the size of the room

5. Excessive extension cord usage

Excessive use of extension cord can become a cause of fire when used in an inappropriate manner. Also, using extension cords on a regular basis can depreciate its quality and cause safety issues for you and other people working near it.

Extension cord usage

Preventive Tip: Using extension cords shouldn’t become a permanent solution to power devices or appliances. Try to insert the plugs that you wish to use into the wall whenever possible and instead use extension cords on a temporary basis.

You must never overload cords along with multiple devices. Make sure you never run a cord under a carpet or rug.

Here are all the causes of electrical fires that you must avoid. In order to prevent these causes, one must always be aware of the surroundings and take safety measures if required. Call for professional help if you find something odd.


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