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At Vuta Electrical, we firmly believe that your Electrical  and power backup systems are not luxuries, they are necessities. We also know that when these systems break down, it can be a quick fix, or it can be a costly replacement, and that there are times when you just don’t have the means to get very necessary services. Our team feels that each and every person has a right to receive skilled, experienced service no matter what your budget or financial situation may be.

We offer financing solutions to ensure that you are able to get the help you need, when you need it:

Pay in installments for your purchases. It takes just a minute to see your options, and checking eligibility won’t impact your credit score.


Clear terms, no hidden fees. Tricking people just isn’t our style.

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Wisetack is one of the nation’s premier consumer financial services companies.

  • A simple application process, and fast credit decisions
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  • Online account management

Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See store for details.
For all promotions: Qualifying purchase must be made with your Home Design credit card issued by Wisetack 

Existing cardholders should see their credit card agreement for their applicable terms. Subject to credit approval.

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Generac Generator Installation

Whole-House Generators Sales & InstallationGot Power? We Do! – Automatic Standby Generators

24/7 Blackout Protection – Hands-free Operation – Permanently InstalledWe have no control over earthquakes, fires, rains, floods, and rolling blackouts. People lose power every day and it’s not getting better, its getting worse.GENERAC gives you control over and outage. Installed next to your house, a GENERAC standby generator automatically provides electrictiy to your home’s essential items – at the first sign of a power outage.No extenstion cords, manual starting or messy refueling. Natural Gas, Propane & Diesel units.

Operate Lights – j – Computers – Phone – Alarm Systems – A/C & Heating

Breakthrough Design: Creates the greatest starting power to run the items that matter most.

Safe Designs: UL listed, automatic voltage regulation and electronic governor for sensitive electronics.

Enclosures: Some models in steel (bisque), others in corrosion resistant aluminum (grey).


Get a generator today and get your power back. We offer maintenance programs and extended warranties

8-20 kW Pre-Packaged System

Includes: Automatic transfer switch, outdoor connection box, pre-wired conduit, flexible fuel line, composite mounting pad.


Call VUTA ELECTRICAL today at (417) 824-1190 to receive a FREE no obligation quote

Dedicated CircuitsDedicated circuits in most cases will prevent your circuit breaker from tripping due to overloading the circuit.

Some areas that we have found are in need of dedicated circuits are the microwave oven and bathrooms.

Hairdryers are made with higher wattages than before, so when using them in your bathroom receptacles, they could trip the existing circuit breaker especially when more than one is being used at the same time.

Call Vuta Electrical and Lighting for a free estimate to install your dedicated circuits(s).


1) What is a dedicated circuit?

A dedicated circuit does not allow your circuit breaker from tripping because of the circuit overload. As the name suggest, a dedicated circuit is designed to use only with a single appliance. Other appliances are not allowed to make use of the energy from this circuit.

2) What appliances need a dedicated circuit?

A dedicated circuit can be used for a wide variety of appliances including washers, toasters, dryers, space heaters, refrigerators, wall ovens, electrical ranges, freezers, water heaters, furnaces, water pumps, sum pumps, blow dryers and many more.

3) When would you use a dedicated circuit? 

If you want to prevent your circuit breaker from tripping because of the circuit overload, you can use a dedicated circuit. Maximum protection from accidents is guaranteed by dedicated circuits. When you use anything that draws high amounts of power consistently, you have to use a dedicated circuit.

4) Does oven need dedicated circuit?

Yes; oven needs a dedicated circuit. This appliance uses increased amount of power continuously, you need a dedicated circuit to offer maximum protection and energy efficiency.

5) Why are dedicated circuits important for my home?

Dedicated circuits safeguard home appliances effectively. Appliances which function without the help of a dedicated circuit use increased amount of electricity than the circuit can deal with. This situation leads to overheating wire insulation, blowing of fuses and tripping of breakers. Eventually, you may have to deal with power breakdowns and electrical fires.

6) How much does it cost to install dedicated appliance circuits in my home?

The benefits of dedicated appliance circuits clearly outweigh the dedicated circuit installation costs. If you hire Vuta Electrical, you can expect amazing cost effectiveness. We offer free estimates to provide clear idea about the cost of installing dedicated circuits.

7) How many appliances can be on a 20 amp circuit?

You need to look for the circuit’s amp rating which is displayed in small numbers on the circuit breaker fuse or switch. It gives you clear idea about how many outlets can be included on a 20-amp circuit. The load limit of a 2-amp circuit is 2,400 watts.

8) How many dedicated circuits can you have in a house?

Many people are using six or more, dedicated 20Amp circuits in their homes nowadays. It is mainly because of the fact that the modern homes, especially kitchens come with multiple appliances. 


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Phone: 417-824-1190

Custom Lighting Controls 1

Vuta Electrical and Lighting offers many different forms of custom lighting.

a: Cabinet Lighting: Various fixtures can up-light or cast downward lighting for good effect. We use low voltage fixtures and lamps controlled by a dimmer switch.

b: Accent lighting: This form of lighting is used to highlight architectural features or artwork. Fixture placement is critical in the installation of the light fixtures. We also install art projector light fixtures complete with light filters. These light fixtures will bring out all the characteristics and colors to the piece of art.

c: Coves and Soffit Lighting: Coves distribute the light upwards. Soffits distribute the light downwards.

Call Vuta Electrical and Lighting for all your lighting and design.


1) What kind of under cabinet lighting is best?

There are many different types of under cabinet lighting products available today. You can find LED products that are highly energy efficient and functional. There are also fluorescent lamps that are cool and inexpensive. These products do not have a dimmable feature. Another option available is incandescent lights which offer a warmer glow and come with dimmable feature. You can contact Vuta Electrical to identify and install the best under cabinet lighting products. 

2) Are LED Lights for Interior or Exterior Use?

LED Lights are the most flexible option available on the market today. You can use them for either interior or exterior areas based on your needs. You can also expect high energy efficiency as well.

3) What else should I look for when choosing under cabinet kitchen lighting?

You need to consider a few aspects while buying under cabinet kitchen lighting. First of all, you should assess the location and available space. Other considerations are power options, type of light fixtures, energy efficiency, and price as well.

4) Where can i use under cabinet fixtures?  

When you mount under cabinet lighting fixtures, you must position it to the front. No matter whether you are standing or seated, the cabinet’s bottom front rail must hide the fixture from your sight line. 

5) Which is an example of accent lighting?

If you want to focus on a specific object or area, you can use accent lighting. For highlighting artifacts, these types of lighting solutions are used. The most popular types of accent lights are track lighting, recessed lamps, wall sconces and floodlights.

6) What are the four types of lighting?

The four main types of lighting solutions are decorative, accent, task and ambient. Each one has its objectives and benefits as well.

7) How many lumens do you need for soffit lighting?  

Soffit lighting is a type of a decorative or accent lighting that is placed underside of a roof, arch, ceiling or beam. The average lumen output range for this type of lighting is 140 to 180.


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Patio Lights

Professionally designed outdoor lighting not only improves your property’s security but also adds a dramatic and unique feel and touch to your yard. At VUTA ELECTRICAL, our trained and experienced electricians can install and design low-voltage outdoor security lighting to enhance the beauty of your property and also the safety and security of your family and guests. It also increases your property’s nighttime ambience. At VUTA ELECTRICAL, we aim to providing you the best services in the field of outdoor lighting.

Benefits of Patio and yard lighting


Patio and yard lighting is the best customizable way to enhance the look of your house after the sun goes down, especially if you enjoy entertaining or you want to improve your home’s curb appeal. At VUTA ELECTRICAL, we know how to illuminate your patio and yard to look fascinating and astounding.


Nothing is more important than a safe and secure home to live in. In this respect, dark spots around and in the property can be a concern, especially when they are at the entry points of the house. We will design a scheme to cover all the dark spots comprehensively to make your house safer and securer than ever before. VUTA ELECTRICAL and Lighting also installs motion-detectors, sensors and time switches to control the outdoor security lighting.

If you’re thinking to get your patio and yard lighting installed by professional electricians, just call us at (417) 824 1190 today(417) 824-1190 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. At VUTA ELECTRICAL, our dedicated staff would be more than happy to help you in all respects.

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