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The electrical panel that you have in your home is the heart of the complete power supply of your house. Like everything else, this also needs up-gradation with time. You need to keep upgrading it from time to time. Now, what is a circuit breaker? A circuit breaker is where the main power supply enters your home from the national grid and eventually gets distributed throughout the electrical systems to the plugs, lights and other appliances. The main function of the circuit breaker is to disconnect the circuit in cases of a power surge. This is basically dining to prevent the entry of excess electricity from the national grid to the electrical system at your home. This prevents further electrical hazards and also prevents your appliances and gadgets from getting burnt. 

Circuit breaker malfunction

Here, in this blog, we will talk about the situations that lead to the arising of the need of a circuit breaker replacement. 

  • In case of power surges, if you notice that your circuit breaker is tripping every time, then the time has come for you to have a new circuit breaker installed. When the circuit breaker keeps tripping every time you turn your ac, geyser or vacuum cleaner on, then be rest assured that your circuit breaker is going to break and fall off. This is when you should get a new circuit breaker installed for your safety.

 Circuit Maintenance

  • Always remember burning smells are indications of your circuit breaker becoming unusable gradually. No matter when you notice a burning smell coming from your electric panel, check your wires and insulation. The burning smell comes from electrical panels only when wires and insulations get overheated and hence, cannot provide safety to your home anymore. This is a very alarming sign actually. You should not ignore this for the sake of your safety and should immediately run to the local electrician after shutting off the main electrical supply of the house to avoid any electrical emergencies. 

  • Wirings need to change from time to time. Old wirings can cause serious electrical hazards. Often, as the wiring gets old and weakened, you can find flickering of lights while using an appliance. You may also get electrical shocks while using electrical appliances. If the situation continues to worsen, the first thing that you should do is get help from the local electrical services to upgrade your panel and hence, get rid of the old wirings. 

  • Another sign that should be alarming is the heated electrical panel. An electrical panel gets heated only when it is overloaded, has worn out components or has inappropriate installations. The wise decision would be to shut off the main power supply immediately and contacting a local electrician as soon as possible. If you continue using the same electrical panel which overheated, you may be further subjected to electrical hazards or electrical emergencies which can, in turn, pose threat to your and your family's safety. So get in action before the time ends.

Electrical services

  • There are times when you may find out that your electrical appliances are not performing up to the mark. You will notice that your electrical appliances are performing as well as they are supposed to do. This can happen with any of the electrical appliances. Your stove, dryer, vacuum cleaner or even your microwave. You may find that your stove is not being able to reach the desired temperature or your dryer shutting down midway. If you think you need to replace the electrical devices, you are going completely in the wrong direction. You just need to replace your circuit breaker.
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