Our electricians are well trained to troubleshoot all different types of electrical problems.

It’s always a good idea to call the professionals who will correct the problems and keep your home from being a fire hazard.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, residential homes account for 26,100 fires and $1 Billion in property losses in one year.

Vuta Electrical and Lighting will repair your flickering lights, switches, receptacles, circuit breakers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, wiring and all your other electrical problems.

Residential GFCI (ground faulty circuit interrupter) is very important and should be checked at least once per month.

GFCI protection is required for 15amp and 20amp receptacles in the following locations:

– GFCI devices are required to be in readily accessible locations.
– All garage and accessory building receptacles.
– All bathroom receptacles.
– All receptacles in unfinished basements.
– All outdoor receptacles.
– All receptacles in crawlspaces or below grade level.
– All receptacles serving kitchen counters.
– Receptacles within 6ft. of all non-kitchen sinks.

There are some exceptions to the above information.