Vuta Electrical and Lighting installs outdoor lighting for security, comfort and safety.

A well-lit outdoor section of your home gives a feeling of security and has been proven to be a deterrent to would be vandals and intruders.

Vuta Electrical and Lighting installs motion-detectors, sensors and time switches to control the outdoor security lighting.

Lights should be installed to highlight the walkways and steps to insure your safety and the safety of your guests.

Illuminating the patio and outdoor area will make your evenings extra special whilst entertaining your guests or just relaxing into the evening hours.

Vuta Electrical and Lighting will install all your television cables and jacks in new locations throughout the home. We use the latest TV cable to ensure the best picture.

We will also install your networking Cat.5 or CAT.6 cables.

Vuta Electrical and Lighting does work for Cox Communications.

They keep the air in constant motion by circulating the air in a room.

When we install the ceiling fan, it will benefit you throughout the summer and winter.

In the summer months, your ceiling fan must be run in a counter–clockwise directional. (As you look up at it). This will force the air down on you making you feel cooler.

In the winter months the ceiling fan must be run in a reverse clockwise direction. (As you look up at it). This will draw the room air up towards the ceiling and force the warm air down and out towards the walls.

Let Vuta Electrical and Lighting install your ceiling fans, as we know where to place the ceiling fan as well as making sure it is installed properly.

Excessive tripping and resetting will take a toll on a circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers do go bad; we have found that older breakers like Zinsco, Federal Pacific and Pushmatic are notorious for going bad. Another problem is that they do not trip when they should.

Vuta Electrical and Lighting can check your circuit breakers and do preventative maintenance to avoid a fire starting in the panel or someone from being shocked due to the circuit breaker not doing its job.
We have also found that a circuit breaker rated 20 amps has been installed to protect a circuit that should have a maximum 15 amp circuit breaker as protection. This can cause the existing wiring to overheat and start a fire.

Don’t take a chance; call Vuta Electrical and Lighting to protect the electrical system in your home